Steel Staircase Details

Steel staircase details. Most of the modern houses nowadays use stainless steel staircases as they look futuristic and innovative. However, the design doesn’t come in a day. As a good designer, you should know the basic calculation to design a staircase and draw it out using CAD or other software. Design without proper calculation may end up with misalignment of each step. Thus, calculation to construct steel staircases must not be overlooked.

This article will tell you in details how to size a staircase. First of all, measure the height of the staircase needed. The exact dimension is needed from the ground finished floor until the next level finished floor. Then, specify the length from the tip of staircase until the end part depending on the space available. If your house is small, then the length will be shorter and vise versa. Then, select the dimension for each step depending on your needs as some people may require a wider step.

Then, decide on the type of staircases required. Depending on the space available, you can either opt for straight, spiral, vertical or mobile staircases. Steel staircase details.

After you have all the measurements and your preferred design, draw it out on a piece of paper. It can be scaled down. Look if the number of steps suits the space allocated for your staircase. You may adjust it accordingly. Remember to check on the standard dimensions of step available in the market. A customized design might cost you double and it takes a longer duration to fabricate. Then, transfer your drawing into CAD software and draw it using exact dimension. Check again on the design and if needed, add railings in the drawing as well.

Aren’t all these steps to design your own staircases easy? So, take out a piece of paper and start taking the measurement. A well designed and planned staircase will definitely bring satisfaction to yourself.


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