Steel Staircase

Steel staircase. Staircases come in different forms which can be typically made up of steel, aluminum, or even wood. They help people move up and down, between floors. Thus, they differ according to the type of material used and design adopted. There can be spiral, vertical and circular staircases. Here we are talking about steel staircases which are very popular due to numerous advantages which they offer over traditional wooden staircases. Generally, it is believed that the structure of staircases is a complex one; however we are discussing steel staircases which are made of three components discussed later in this article.

Steel staircases are very ideal for industrial purposes since they offer a high level of reliability as compared to the traditional wooden ones. Moreover, they stand very well in the rough conditions where heavy loading and uploading is required. But as said earlier these staircases are a complex structure and various components are bolted together to transform into a durable and safe staircase. Steel staircase

The steps of steel staircases are made up of two components i.e. tread and riser. Tread is the part where you step on i.e. the flat or horizontal part of a step whereas the riser is i.e. its front headed at 90 degree and found between each tread. They can either be separately attached or there can be stairs without risers depending on its design. Front of tread is rounded up with nosing. Nosing are special attachments for the purpose of safety i.e. they prevent slipping. Stringers or carriage support the steps and are placed on single side of steps for positioning the steps at an inclined position leading upwards. These are specifically cut in the form of steps so as to fit accurately on steps. Third part is ‘Rails’ which make staircases safer to be used. Handrails make our grasp stronger over steel staircases.

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